Pay a little, read a lot with Spotpass.

28/05/21 by Spotpass

A new vision of micropayments for the internet is born

Most “free” internet services are not free at all. It probably won’t shock you to learn that if you’re getting something for free on the internet, it’s either because an advertiser is paying a premium to target you, or a third-party is paying a premium for your personal data in order to target you.

What may surprise you though, is that this business model is suffering.

The amount of advertising revenue passed on to publishers and content creators is becoming ever-smaller. Changes to the way that Google, Apple, Facebook and other powerful platforms direct traffic, capture and share data, is accelerating this decline. What this means is that many publishers and content creators have put their content behind paywalls and asked you to subscribe in order to access it.

Subscriptions can be great. Depending on how much content you consume from one publisher/creator, a subscription can offer great value. They are especially great for publishers because once you pay to subscribe, there’s a good chance you’ll stick around for a while whether you use it or not.

But for a lot of people, the value simply isn’t there. The cost is too great for the small amount of content you actually consume from one site. There needs to be a way to enjoy paid content without subscribing that’s simple, economical and enjoyable.

And that’s why we created Spotpass.

Two clicks. Reading paid content from your favourite sites for only 1c to 99c. It works how the internet should – fast, economical and fair.

So instead of getting locked out of content or having your data sold to the highest bidder, you’ll have an option to pay a small amount to your favourite publisher. And if you do, it will be much more lucrative for them than having you leave for nothing or serving you ads.

Tell us below what sites you think should be offering Spotpass so you can access paid content or support them for under 99c.